Rochester, NY
23 April 2014
Based on photo: m thiery

While mainstream media reports seem tepid, there is a drum beat of increasing concern on social about the newest Internet threat, Heartbleed. With a name like that, it certainly seems bad. But what exactly is it and how does it affect you as an Internet citizen?

Photo: DragonFlyEye.Net

Our nation’s highways can feel safer and more breathable, thanks to Xerox.

While the 2007 conviction of Howard Wright was upheld on appeal, the DNA evidence used against him was suspect enough for two appellate judges to call it “prosecutorial misconduct.” But isn’t DNA evidence bullet-proof?

Research out of Duke University finds that, when presented vignettes of crimes that are more gruesome and violent, study participants were more likely to assign a higher penalty. 17 subjects read 84 vignettes while being observed under MRI scan. The … Continue reading

In light of the arrest of Rochester Deputy Mayor Redon, it is worth reviewing how breath tests work. Can they really be tripped up by such a common medical condition as diabetes?