It appears as though the latest update to WordPress is coming a lot sooner than I might have anticipated, and to push it forward, the WordPress folks are going to use the Independence Day holiday to conduct a live bughunt.? How fun.? Mind you, I shan’t be attending, largely because tracking down errors in my own software is more fun than I can handle.? Still, the important thing to remember is that the 2.0.4 version is coming soon, so be ready to update your blogs!!

Bug Independence Day is July 4th! To help shake the bugs out of the upcoming 2.0.4 and 2.1 releases, we’re holding a Bug Hunt next week. We’ll be finding and fixing bugs and cleaning up the bug tracker. All are welcome to join us in the #wordpress-bugs IRC channel as we go on the hunt.

So, OK, version 2.0.4 of the home version and 2.1 of the WordPress-hosted version is being released.? We’ve been promised an effective spellchecker for a while now, as indeed they say they’ve been beta testing just such a monster on the WordPress site.? Thus far, it has not materialized, and I’m getting anxious.? No matter what they say, that damned spell-checking plugin for FireFox doesn’t do diddley-squat if you’re trying to use it with either WordPress or Performancing.? (In fact, the only time the context menu includes anything about spell checking is in Username/Password fields, like I really need it then?)

But I digress.? Let us hope that this latest version of the WerdPress thang is about making things stable enough to add on the spell checker.? I’m 33 years old, and apparently not capable of spelling “thier” right without digital assistance!