RochesterTurning has been doing an outstanding job of covering the Foley story from a local perspective.  A local perspective in that Tom Reynolds has been fingered (pardon the unfortunate phrase) as one of the guys that was told about Foley’s shinanigans long before ABC News made it public, and he didn’t tell a sole except (according to him) Dennie Hastert.  RT’s Exile believes that Reynolds is getting thrown under the train: turning the tide upstate

But we?re not here to focus on blame. The Republicans will divvy that up among themselves as they see fit. I think that, quite possibly, Reynolds is being served up as a sacrifice to placate the political Gods. Here?s why I think they?re doing it and why I think they?re smart to do it:

Perhaps this is so, but what we all need to keep in mind here – what needs to be fresh in the minds of Americans whilst watching the pathetic display of Republicans blaming each other – is that when you see someone doing something illegal, you talk to a cop, not a coworker.  End of story.  I cannot emphasize this enough, nor imagine I would need to.

No matter how many people got told, every last one of them chose to deal with this issue politically rather than legally.  Every single one of them is guilty of the sin of commission, and that includes a Representative of New York, Tom Reynolds.  It’s fine when its a Congressman stealing from the till: slimy, yes, but predictable; in truth, such matters do need to be dealt with from within the Congress for legal reasons.  When its a Congressman engaging in statutory rape, it is not ok to simply find the next higher-up politician and hope you can spin things out of existence.  There are no statutory Congressional considerations, there is only the law and at least one abused kid.  You are playing with the lives not only of the kids involved, but of every other person that loves that kid, before or after the act.

Every single one of these Republicans proved that what we’ve been saying all along – what has been slowly eating away at our Constitution, our economy, our security and our nation’s soul – is altogether more real than we’d even suspected: it reveals that politics trump all other considerations including moral rectitude in this modern Republican Party.

Keep that in mind as you go to the polls.

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