Rochester, NY
24 April 2014


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    In August of last year, we reported on the recent discovery of a “Glymphatic Pathway,” which is essentially a waste-disposal system for the brain. This system, discovered by Jeffrey Iliff and Maiken Nedergaard of the University of Rochester, … Continue reading

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    Myelin is the sheathing that surrounds each and every nerve cell, allowing their electrochemical signals to correctly pass through the cell to their intended targets. Without this shielding, signals get lost and that leads to all sorts of neurological disorders. … Continue reading

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    Blah, blah, blah. I like my stoically private nature. It helps me think.

    That may seem true, but research out of the University of Buffalo may prove otherwise. A new study shows that social isolation arrests the healthy development of … Continue reading

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    As science becomes more and more aware of the importance of helper cells in the brain, the U of R may have discovered a breakthrough in curing MS. RIT journo student Jacob Walsh reports:

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    Sometimes, there’s nothing more cathartic than taking out the garbage – even for your brain.

    Neuroscientists at University of Rochester Medical Center have discovered a previously unrecognized system that drains waste from the brain. Dubbed the “glymphatic system” due to … Continue reading

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