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24 April 2014


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    Thanksgiving can certainly be done without turkey – in fact, lots of families choose any other meat besides the gobbler. But for some, nothing suits the tradition quite the same as a big bird in the oven (with apologies to … Continue reading

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    Note: the owner of this website loves Thanksgiving. But we don’t have to agree to be agreeable! }B{D>

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    When he was a kid, my father was famous in our family for his contempt for onions. In fact, my grandmother went to extraordinary lengths to attempt to hide onions in her cooking, because she knew if he saw even … Continue reading

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    This one’s been making it’s way around the Internet, of course. Sarah Palin doing an interview about how “brutal” the campaign trail is whilst standing in front of a slaughterhouse for turkeys. Those of weak stomachs will want to turn … Continue reading

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    Who could be more thankful than a bird on Thanksgiving day who is not a turkey? I can hardly imagine. How happy are those birds? This happy:

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    This happy:

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    And yes, even happy enough to engage in autoerotica:

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