Pants on Fire Department: Corwin pretends to be rags to riches

Jane Corwin’s recent ad campaign touts her small business experience and paints her as somebody that rose up through the ranks. The ad states that she “started at the bottom, delivering phone books after school… But Jane Corwin worked her way up to help lead the company.” So we’re supposed to think that she’s a scrappy rags to riches kid. Which is the opposite of working at a business that your dad owns. Which is actually what happened (Jane’s dad Wilbur D. Lewis started The Talking Phone Book in 1968).

The other thing the ad says is, “Jane Corwin was part of a team that created hundreds of jobs for Western New York.” Well, somebody help me understand economics – if she helped the Talking Phone Book take business away from the Frontier pages, isn’t that a zero sum game? One business gets more market share, another loses. No new jobs are created. They are just shifted from one company to another. Am I wrong?

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