DragonFlyEye.Net (hereafter DFE) is a community-oriented website that allows commenting on blog posts, feature articles and forum topics. This site also relies on both original content by its authors, user-submitted content and links to external sources such as news outlets and research facilities. In order to facilitate the best user experience and set the proper expectations of the audience, the following notices are issued:

Comment and User-Submitted Content Administration Policy:

  1. Content found on this site which has been produced by users does not necessarily express the views of DFE or its members.  Liability for content found on this website is considered to be the with the original author.
  2. It is the intention of DFE to allow visitors to speak freely and express their opinions. However, DFE reserves the right to delete or otherwise moderate content at its sole discretion. Specific rules need not be stipulated, but as a courtesy to the audience, the following guidelines may apply:
  3. Content deemed unnecessarily offensive, derogatory, or hostile may be administered through deletion or other methods at DFE’s sole discretion.
  4. Content intended to sell unapproved products on this website, promote unapproved websites or those that conform to known spam-bot activity will also be moderated at the sole discretion of DFE.
  5. DFE strongly supports the privacy of it’s users. However, users whose submitted content violates the laws of the United States, including but not limited to laws prohibiting harassment, slander, extortion, impersonation or copyright infringement could potentially have their information turned over to authorities for prosecution.

Linking and External Content:

  1. Where external content is required, DFE agrees to make the best efforts to clearly identify the source of said content.
  2. Third-party images will be credited for their work in any place that they may appear. Generally, it is not the policy of DFE to rely on images from other sources, except those sources which are under GNU, Creative Commons or other free-source copyrights or where the image is used as a citation of a source, such as linking to an external news source.
  3. All external content on this site is considered to be properly cited. However, should a content author disagree with our citation, wish to make corrections or to have their content removed, it can be done by contacting the webmaster. Contact can be found at the bottom of this page.

Contact Privacy Policy:

  1. All contacts to this site through the official contact page are considered private and details of such contact will not be disclosed by this website for any reason whatsoever without the express consent of the sender.
  2. While the official contact form does include personal information fields, these fields are there for the sake of eliminating automated contact activity or false contacts. All of this information is kept confidential and no records of this information exist anywhere on the site, nor does DFE keep any record of this information off-site. None of this information will be provided to any third party at all at any time.
  3. Contacts seeking to share information are considered sources and their conversations with me are considered by this website to be protected.

It is the intention of this website to work with it’s members and audience to achieve the best results of all our efforts. However, this page serves as notice of the policies governing content creation and administration on this website, and no further announcement is required for DFE to proceed with its policies.

Should anyone have questions or concerns regarding this policy, please contact the administration.