vBlogging with Thickbox!

Yes!!! I’ve finally done it! That for which I have sought over the last week or so has finally come to fruition.

Click the below link to see the magic happen.

Thanks to all the great developers and web designers whose invaluable assistance has made vBlogging with Thickbox possible on this site!!

Javascript Entry – Cody Lindley: ThickBox – One box to rule them all.

My version of the Lightbox technique includes functionality similar to that of the Greybox technique. That is, ThickBox can show html pages as well as images. The html that is shown inside ThickBox is pulled from the server using AJAX (really AXAH). I would like to think that my twist is bridging the gap between Greybox and Lightbox functionality.

aNieto2K | Lo que quiero, cuando quiero y como quiero ? ThickBox plugin para WordPress

Era tan facil que no he podido resistirme 😀 ThickBox plugin es un plugin que monta el sistema necesario para lanzar thickbox en tu wordpress..

David Reid at Performancing: Performancing Metrics and Thickbox plugin | Performancing.com

In the metrics script (basicstats.js), the z_linkonclick function needs to accept an event parameter that can be passed to the link.oldonclick function. This is why the Thickbox plugin wasn’t working.

Corz at Corz.org: .htaccess tricks and tips.. part two: url rewriting with mod rewrite.

of the more powerful tricks of the .htaccess hacker is the ability to
rewrite URLs. This enables us to do some mighty manipulations on our
links; useful stuff like transforming very long URL’s into short, cute
URLs, transforming dynamic ?generated=page&URL’s into
/friendly/flat/links, redirect missing pages, preventing hot-linking,
performing automatic language translation, and much, much more.

mod_rewrite: A Beginner’s Guide to URL Rewriting [Apache & IIS Configuration]

Most of you will have read and/or heard about mod_rewrite — yes, it’s an Apache module, and it’s even installed by default! We’re going use this tiny module to achieve everything mentioned above.

mod_rewrite Cookbook – FrontPage

The goal here is to develop a cookbook of useful mod_rewrite recipes, starting with the frequently asked questions, and progressing to more esoteric recipes. This is only a staging area – eventually this stuff will become part of the official documentation.

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