Let’s See How Long for This Head to Roll. . .

The Secretary to the President on HUD made a boo-boo:

CNN.com – HUD chief denies spiking Bush critic’s contract – May 10, 2006

Housing Secretary Alphonso Jackson apologized Wednesday for telling a business forum in Dallas, Texas, he had spiked a contract bid of a critic of President Bush.

His comments at an April 28 real estate conference have spurred calls for investigations from Democratic lawmakers, and the department’s internal watchdog said it is looking into the matter.

“I deeply regret the anecdotal remarks I made at a recent Texas small business forum and would like to reassure the public that all HUD contracts are awarded solely on a stringent merit-based process,” Jackson said in a written statement Wednesday afternoon.

At the risk of sounding cynical, I am wondering how long before this particular head rolls ~ for having the audacity to put in words the policy of this Administration. C’mon! Bush told every country that didn’t want to send troops into Iraq that they could get bent looking for reconstruction contracts, even though help from the rest of the world was and is precisely what we need there. Bush’s buddies make money all day long, but any detractor is out in the cold in a heartbeat. All this guy did was speak the truth, and we all know it.

Now Rummy, on the other hand, has completely screwed the pooch since taking his position, but you won’t see him leaving any time soon; they’ll need to take Rove out in cuffs before he leaves; this guy? Count him among the fallen inside of a week.

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By Tommy Belknap

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