vBlog: Britany’s New Bump, Bird Flu, Kathrine Harris

vBlog entry for 05/10/06, discussing the bird-flu movie on ABC and the supposedly impending epidemic; Britney’s new bump; Microsoft’s bid for a mobile market share; phishing at PayPal again; and finally, no love for Kathrine Harris.


ABC News: Bird Flu Hitting TV Screens May 9

Bodies piling up so quickly it takes dump trucks to haul them away. Barbed wire to keep whole neighborhoods quarantined. It’s Hollywood’s version of bird flu, a blur of fact and fiction that some scientists say could confuse the public. “Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America,” an ABC made-for-television movie, airs May 9, just as scientists are to begin testing of wild birds in Alaska that could herald the arrival of bird flu in North America. Scientists fear the bird flu virus could evolve so it could be passed from human to human, sparking a global pandemic.

Britney Spears pregnant again. 10/05/2006. ABC News Online

Spears married dancer Kevin Federline in September 2004 and gave birth to their first child, a son named Sean Preston, the following September. The family lives in the beachfront enclave of Malibu, California, outside Los Angeles. Federline has two other children by his former girlfriend, actress Shar Jackson. Parenthood has not been entirely smooth sailing for the Spears. In February, she was photographed driving a car with her infant son in her lap behind the steering wheel, prompting a visit to her home by sheriff’s deputies at the request of child welfare authorities.

Women Get Paternal Clues in Men’s Faces – Yahoo! News

Women looking for a long-term relationship like men who like children ? and they can tell which guys might be interested in becoming fathers just by looking at their faces. Those are among the findings of a study of college students published Wednesday in a British scientific journal. “This study suggests that women are picking up on facial cues that are perhaps related to paternal qualities,” said James Roney, a University of California at Santa Barbara psychologist and lead author of the study. “The more they perceived the men as liking kids, the more likely they could see having a longer-term relationship.”

Microsoft Announces Online Gaming Service – Yahoo! News

“The vision here is each platform plays its own role. We really think we’re in a unique position,” Gates said Tuesday. “Microsoft is probably the only company that can pull this off.” In a demonstration, an Xbox 360 gamer using Live Anywhere was able to send an invitation to a friend on a PC. After the PC user agreed, the two connected for a cross-platform online gun battle. In another example, a race car’s stats were modified on a cellular phone, its appearance was edited in a paint program on the PC and then it was raced on a track on the Xbox 360.

Yeah, but how much are you going to pay for a service that allows you to modify a car on your Mobile that you cannot use till you get home?

broadband ? Forums ? Spam, Scam and Charge Busters ? [Phishing] ALERT!! New Vicious PAYPAL phishing

Within 72 hours one of these Paypal phishes has ensnared over 1,100 victim accounts. It was targeted by multiple spams that used various referral links on hijacked machines. In the two years that I have been digesting and extracting phish data, I have never seen any that came close to 1,100 victims in a little over two days. In fact, I have never seen anything even close to that rate regardless of the up-time or the phish type. As far as I am concerned this is a record. What makes these Paypals so unique and vicious, is that they are scripted to interface with the real Paypal site. They not only validate the users credentials in real time, but also extract and display the users account details on the phish page. Whatever reservations and suspicions a potential victim may have, they will undoubtedly be overcome by the fact that after logging into the phish site, their account details will be retrieved from Paypal and displayed on the page. They are then asked to confirm their credit card number, enter their SSN number, and confirm their address.

Bush Faces Tricky Political Situation in Florida – New York Times

After saying hello to his brother and straightening his tie, the president shook hands with Ms. Harris and spoke with her for roughly 30 seconds, with Ms. Harris talking far more than the president, who did not kiss her or put his arm around her ? or do anything more than pat her on the back. An aide to the president said later that they were only speaking about “the weather,” and a spokesman for Ms. Harris refused to divulge the details of the conversation. The president and his brother have been pushing behind the scenes ? but loudly enough for it be common knowledge ? for the Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives here, Allan Bense, to make a run for the Senate nomination Ms. Harris is seeking.

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