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On Saturday of this Independence Day weekend, I went down to Daily Perks Coffeehouse for a roundtable of five young songwriters and had a great time. There is some truly superlative talent to be found in this new coffeehouse music scene, so check out this article and find out about a few of them!

The Five Easy Pieces ~ An evening of music at Daily Perks:

The setup for this show ? The Five Easy Pieces, as MC and songwriter Roger Mahle dubbed it ? was a spotlight on five young local songwriters and their music in kind of a ?VH1 Storytellers? format where they described what inspired each piece before they played it. This was interesting enough a setup that I bailed on another coffee house gig a few blocks away at Bolder Coffee House with my friends Kalu James and Mike Temple in their band Chea, and neither Sarah nor I were at all disappointed in our choice.

By Tommy Belknap

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