vBlog for December 8th, 2006

This one’s a shortie! Getting close to the holidays, and I guess I’m getting lazy!

The DragonFlyEye.Net Blog ? Litvinenko’s Poisoning Pinpointed

It appears that Scotland Yard believes it has pinpointed the moment of Litvinenko’s poisoning, which did indeed occur at the hotel with his buddy Lugovoi. Does this mean a double-cross or a convenient moment for some other attacker?: Scotland Yard ascertains route of Litvinenko?s poisoner – Politics – REGNUM

The DragonFlyEye.Net Blog ? Dude, Just Slow Down!

Well, the D&C needs to sell papers, and so they’re diplomatic. But the winter weather was most certainly not “the cause” of the accidents. It’s the drivers, and the drivers really aught to be ashamed. As long as I live, I don’t know if I’ll ever fully understand this. You gotta figure more than half the people in these accidents have lived in Rochester or the surrounding areas all their lives; statistics alone bare this out. How can so many people be so completely inept at winter driving? I remember living in Sodus, the first heavy snow fall of the season would always bring with it a slew of SUV’s stuck on the side of 104 in Webster.

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