Now, That’s a Compliment!

I got an email late last night telling me that HaloScan had recorded a comment on one of my articles.? The article in question turned out to be “Echoes of Dagestan,” the article on the Russian former spy, Alexander Litvinenko, who recently died of Polonium-210 poisoning.? The commenter turns out to be a man by the name of Jeff Jones.

But what is really amazing and what has me so excited is that Jeff Jones is a professor of Russian History at UNC-Greensboro.? How do ya like them apples? Hee!? So, despite having missed a good bit of info which Jeff hipped me to, it seems that the article is relatively on-target.? As much as I tried to maintain some integrity by cross-referencing the facts presented by the various sources, this still could have gone quite differently.

So, yeah.? I’m proud.

By Tommy Belknap

Owner, developer, editor of DragonFlyEye.Net, Tom Belknap is also a freelance journalist for The 585 lifestyle magazine. He lives in the Rochester area with his wife and son.

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