He Lived So That College Students Might Also Live

Wow!  I guess I never even thought about the notion of one man inventing such a miracle-food, but I guess he did.  Momofuku Ando is the inventor of Ramen Noodles, the blessing and scourge of po-folk everywhere:

Momofuku Ando, 96, Dies; Invented Instant Ramen – New York Times

Momofuku Ando, who ? to the delight of dormitory students and other kitchen-resistant customers worldwide ? invented those small packets of preflavored dried noodles that require just a three-minute boil, died Friday at a hospital in Osaka, Japan. Mr. Ando, the founder of the Nissin Food Products Company, was 96.

As for myself, I can say that in my early career as a Tech Support phone jockey at The Sutherland Group, I ate more than my share of these little wonders.  Hence I regard them as both a blessing and a scourge.  If you’ve ever been hungry enough to eat your own hand but had nothing in the house to eat but Ramens ~ for the third meal in a row on the eighth day in a row ~ you know exactly where I am with this one.  Still, the damned things are just tasty as all get out, and in a pinch, they’ll save ya.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Ando, the world will be just a little less malnourished for your efforts!

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By Tommy Belknap

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I once knew a girl who thought Ramen noodles were awfully bland. I asked her if she put the spice packet into the noodles. She blanched, and said no.

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