Oh, Jeeze. Worse Than No Evidence. . .

A follow on to my previous post.  Check this bit out from a MSNBC journalist blogging on their new WorldBlog dillio:

WorldBlog : Pointing a shaky finger at Iran

The senior U.S. military official told us he should be referred to as a “senior Coalition defense official” rather than an “American official.” After journalists pressed the point that accusations this serious were being made by officials who wouldn’t divulge their nationalities, he agreed that he and his two colleagues could be referred to as “U.S. officials.”

He told us that the use of the deadliest form of roadside bomb known as EFP’s – explosively formed penetrators – had nearly doubled last year. And he said there was a “growing body of evidence pointing to Iranian supply of EFPs to Iraqi extremist groups.”

That evidence, according to a U.S. intelligence official at the briefing, included machine-tooled parts used in the roadside bombs. They had reason to believe they had come from machine shops in Iran and hadn’t found any being made with such precision in Iraq, he said.

Well, there you are, then.  If they don’t seem like they might have come from Iraq (at least, you’ve never *seen* anything like that being made in Iraq), then the only other option is that they must have come from Iran.  Plain as mud.

The thing is: the Bush Administration has never even tried being competent at lying, to say nothing of being competent in the things that they’re lying about to cover for their incompetence.

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By Tommy Belknap

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