Randy’s Potemkin Adventure

I just happened to catch up with a great thread over at RochesterTurning.com.  It seems the inimitable Optimus Prime has harried Randy Kuhl once again, this time breaking up an R-News interview by doing some taping of his own.

But while that might be enough in and of itself for those of us who don’t like him, the larger issue is his desire to control his constituents like the Bush Administration controls their media presence.  Read the comments (particularly Tom’s) to see exactly what I mean.  He’s obviously not too familiar with what actual “Town Hall meetings” look like, or he wouldn’t have bothered. 

In fact, I’m surprised that the RT people didn’t have a report of some old codger handing Randy his ass in a hat.  You don’t tell people what they can and cannot ask of their elected officials, particularly not in such a small setting.  I’m guessing the audience must have been very, very small.

rochesterturning.com: turning the tide upstate

Note: This video clip was filmed after Randy Kuhl?s public forum inside the Henrietta Town Hall.

Randy Kuhl inturpts an interview with R News to demand a citizen journalist to stop filming. Kuhl then proceeds to walk out of the Town Hall and refuse to answer any further questions about Iraq to the R News reporter.

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