Is Maggie Brooks Taking the Easy Way Out?

A local blog of which I have previously been blissfully unaware posits an interesting explaination for Maggie Brooks’ sudden interest in morality in the library:

CUP O? BOOKS ? Public Support for the Library

We know that County Executive Brooks is predicting a $100 million budget gap over the next two years. Today?s Democrat and Chronicle article makes it clear that Brooks is asking the library to put itself in violation of a Supreme Court ruling or face loosing 6.6 million in county funding. This should be a decision for our legislature, of course, but since there is a Republican majority, Brooks? threats are probably all too real. So is Brooks really looking to de-fund the library to cut the budget gap by $12 million over two years, and use the ACLU and the Supreme Court as scapegoats?

But does the County of Monroe not also put itself at the same risk in terms of Supreme Court violation?  Can they or can they not yank funding from the library without violating the same ruling?  How does that work, since de-funding the library is tantamount to closing it?  Someone with Constitutional Law experience, please comment!

Meanwhile, where the fuck is Mayor Duffy in all this?  How can he not be on record about this situation; how can no one have asked him yet?

10NBC / WHEC TV-10

Mayor Duffy says he has met with his staff and will have discussions with the library’s board of trustees to come up with a solution.

“The most important thing is protecting kids. That’s the most important thing. And I think there can be an incredibly good policy balance here with those who are concerned with First Amendment issues and will have those satisfied,” Duffy said.

Democrat & Chronicle: Local News

Mayor Robert Duffy also opposes the library’s policy, according to
Deputy Mayor Patty Malgieri. She said Duffy, who is out of town at a
U.S. Conference of Mayors event, would make his opinions known to the
library boards.
“In no way should our youth be exposed to inappropriate material, and
that’s his greatest concern,” she said.

Wait, dude. Never mind, STFU.  Jesus, what a politically-triangulating, limp-dick expression of capitulation to Brooks’ political geek show.

And what the hell?  Let me also spare a slice of vitriol for the source of this pile of crap controversy: Channel 10.  Consider yourselves boycotted in the Belknap household from now on.  All the things going on right now (not the least of which being the budget gap that this little charade might help close), all the issues you might have tackled, this one was the one you wanted?  Because it’s got skin, that’s why.

I strongly urge anyone reading this in Rochester to find out what your County Legislator thinks of this and what they plan to do about it.  Sure, they’re a majority Republican body, but what do you say we get them on record?  You know, just for giggles. . . .

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By Tommy Belknap

Owner, developer, editor of DragonFlyEye.Net, Tom Belknap is also a freelance journalist for The 585 lifestyle magazine. He lives in the Rochester area with his wife and son.

2 replies on “Is Maggie Brooks Taking the Easy Way Out?”

“Blissfully unaware?” I’m not sure how to take that…

Anyway, I also would like to see a Constitutional Law person weigh in. I don’t see the County as being in the same boat, because closing the library does not discriminate against any type or piece of information, it removes it all. There is nothing that says the County must legally fund a library.

I wish our local mainstream media would quit covering press conferences and dig up a little information that takes some work to get. I was impressed that the D & C was willing to go as far as it did in its editorial.

My first vist to the site. I have been thinking about adding a Rochester section to my blogroll. I think I’ll start with DragonFlyEye.

Seth Hopkins

. . . There is nothing that says the County must legally fund a library.

True, but I do wonder if the *circumstances* under which she defunds the library don’t have specific ramifications. Kind of like you or I would have the right to refuse people service at a store we might own, but we don’t have the right to do so under specifically racially-motivated circumstances.

I’m not sure that the same rule applies in this case, I’m actually looking into it.

By all means, add me to the roll, and I’ll get you added as well! We like literate people here at DragonFlyEye!

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