Atomic Swindlers Interview: Show Notes

Show notes for March 31st, 2007 on, my interview with April Laragy of the Atomic Swindlers.

Consider this an open thread for the show.  Talk amongst yourselves or ask a question!

Atomic Swindlers Official Home Page

Their Space:

Atomic Swindlers Rock / Psychedelic / Alternative

april laragy . com ~ biography

One of upstate New York’s favorite artists, April Laragy presents her latest artistic achievements that awaken the imagination. Influenced by Chagall, her watercolors are compelling and rich with fantasy. The broad theme of her work embodies the earthly dimension of time and space, and makes a connection to a second dimension through the use of the canvas. April’s artistic talents are not limited to the visual arts. Her electric musical talents can be enjoyed at upstate NY venues. Her band, the Atomic Swindlers give the audience a surreal way to experience their music by collaborating with regional artists for a visual and musical performance

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