This is What Happens in Dictatorships

Well, ratchet up the police state and expect that the population will act accordingly.  Frankly I think it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person:

Protesters pelt Rove’s car after speech – Politics –

White House adviser Karl Rove was confronted by more than a dozen protesters who blocked his car and threw things as he tried to leave a speaking engagement at American University, officials said. Rove was attending a guests-only discussion of electoral politics Tuesday night sponsored by the American University College Republicans.

Don’t mess with the J-Curve, fellas.  It ain’t worth it.

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By Tommy Belknap

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2 replies on “This is What Happens in Dictatorships”

So you approve of stoning because he deserves it and you hate him enough? I hope your fellow “protesters” don’t get near too much power. I’d hate to see their brown-shirted cultural revolution dictatorship of the proletariat play out. Back to you, though — do you have some threshold of “protest” violence or censorship at which you plan to stop approving?

If you would just introspect a minute, you’d see that roving gangs of incensed thugs are tools for establishing dictatorships, not noble visionaries.

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Oyie. You need to read more deeply, my friend.

I’m simply stating that when you oppress a citizenry, they will act accordingly. I don’t approve of dictatorships, I don’t approve of Bush’s authoritarianism, ergo I do not approve of the results.

And speaking of reading more deeply, you might perhaps want to read more deeply into history before you start using it’s emblems. The “Brown Shirts” were part of the Nazi fascist movement, marked by Conservative concepts of capital cronyism. Hardly appropriate to the proletariat.

As for Karl Rove? Fuck him. I hope that’s clear enough for you.

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