Medley Center Sold: to be Renamed “Diddly Center”

In Rochester, we’re not so good with the sales.  Sometimes, we can’t sell a boat for months.  Other times, we sell a mall more than once a year:

Medley Centre has been sold || 10NBC / WHEC TV-10

The owner of the Medley Centre in Irondequoit, Adam Bersin has told News 10NBC that the mall has been sold to developer Scott Congel. Congel is with The Pyramid Cos, a mall developer in Syracuse.

Apparently, this has been an ongoing rumor that the D&C blogs have been watching for some time.

Democrat & Chronicle: Community Blogs

Mr. Bersin was very media friendly at the onset of this project and now everything seems to be so secretive. Rumors are flying and speculation is abound. My fear is that the people are losing interest which means they will not support the stores that are still there.

The shame of it is: there’s actually been some development in the mall and on the mall property recently, including a brand new Target.  But somehow, don’t ask me how, the Target just sucks even by Target standards.

This confuses me to some extent because I really dig Irondequoit.  In fact, the wife and I are looking at houses, and we keep coming back to Irondequoit again and again.  So, what’s the deal with the mall?  Why can it not make a go?  Certainly, if I could avoid the drive cross town to Eastview, I would do it.  In a heartbeat.  What is it that prevents the area from really taking advantage of this mall?

Don’t say Greece-Ridge, or I’ll puke.  And besides my contempt for Greece-Ridge, that is a relatively recent development compared to Irondequoit Mall.  The iMall seemed almost to become irrelevant within months of opening. I used to play in a band that practiced in Rondee-Squat (a term of endearment, but you ain’t heard it from me) and the whole time I was practically living there, the mall was a ghost town.

Sigh.  Well, let’s find something to do with it, quick, before it becomes an opium den. . . .

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