Louise Slaugter Hits Back on Syria Trip

Louise Slaughter has always been an interesting character in the House, to me.  She seems to prefer to stay out of direct limelight, yet she has quietly become the most powerful woman in the United States Congress short of Nancy Pelosi.  Those of us who live here in the adjacent districts to her own do not usually need a reminder of why she is where she is, but its always fun to watch her parry words with the powerful.

She doesn’t bother to be artful.  She doesn’t triangulate and she does not mince words.  She is as direct as you can ask someone to be:

Slaughter Defends Middle East Trip –

The president called the trip “counterproductive.”

Slaughter said, “This is the first administration that has said to Congress who you can talk to and who you can’t. And we’re not going to be the Congress that allows that to happen.”

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By Tommy Belknap

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