Ya Gotta Have Balls to be a Lawyer. . .

Why not just go ahead and argue it in court?  The First Amendment is just so darned inconvenient.  The President doesn’t like it one bit, that’s why the “Free Speech Zones” he sets up at his events are nowhere near his events.  And if you should cross those lines, well, you clearly represent a “threat of being disruptive.”

And the mere threat of disruption is apparently the only cause needed to prevent someone admission to an event, according to lawyers for two Bush rally meat-men accused of violating the First Amendment.  Don’t you wish you’d known that before Dubya got elected?  We could have prevented his entry into the White House, dang.

In most settings anywhere outside of Guantanamo, this would be regarded as an abhorrent stain upon our Constitution.  Anywhere, that is, except in the White House and in the law offices of you-pick-the-lawyer and sons:

2 Ejected From Bush Speech Posed a Threat, Lawyers Say – New York Times

Mr. Casper and Mr. Klinkerman lost their motion for dismissal, and this week their lawyers filed an appeals brief arguing that their clients had the right to take action against Mr. Young and Ms. Weise precisely because the two held views different from Mr. Bush’s.

“They excluded people from a White House event because they posed a threat of being disruptive,” said a lawyer for Mr. Casper, Sean Gallagher.

Wow. The lawyers further cite an incedent involving our Dubya Daddy, George Herbert Walker, wherein a woman wearing a Clinton button was blocked from entering a Bush/Quayle rally.  Nevermind that they probably should have let her in, needing the crowd-filler as they did.  They excluded her, and clearly on the basis of her political beliefs.

But in that case, the woman was wearing something into the building.  You could probably argue that this was “dress code,” but the current case involves two students with nothing more than a bumper sticker on their car.  They weren’t carrying anything in with them, according to the report.

We shall see how this case pans out, but I can almost guarantee it’s going down in a hail of flames.  Even if the court currently hearing the case rules in favour of the defendants, somewhere between Denver and the SCOTUS, this thing’s going down.

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By Tommy Belknap

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