Pelosi Quotes Bush on Timelines

Nancy Pelosi has clearly been planning for the veto we all knew would come on the spending bill for Iraq. Her statement, posted in The Gavel, is razor sharp, clear and concise. You can agree with her, you can disagree with her, but the message is unambiguous.

But even better, Pelosi actually turns George Bush’s past words against him. Apparently, some folks on her team did some digging into George Bush’s past statements and dug up a doozie that I’ve not heard anywhere else in the entire time we’ve been having these debates about timelines:

The Gavel » Blog Archive » Congress Will Not Give the President a Blank Check

This bill supports the troops. In fact, it gives the President more than he asked for for our troops; they deserve it. They have done their duties excellently; they have done everything that has been asked of them, all of this without, in some cases, the training, the equipment, and a plan for success for them.The President wants a blank check. The Congress is not going to give it to him.

The President said, in his comments, that he did not believe in timelines and he spoke out very forcefully against them. Yet, in 1999, on June 5, then Governor Bush said about President Clinton, ‘I think it’s also important for the President to lay out a timetable as to how long they will be involved and when they will be withdrawn.’

Despite his past statements, President Bush refuses to apply the same standards to his own activities. Standards, that’s the issue.

She didn’t bother to cite NCLB’s “standards,” but she could have. Everyone in the world except George Bush is required to have standards and timelines in Bush’s reality. And he’s just to be given blank checks. Not anymore.

UPDATE:  Well, it turns out that Think Progress is, as usual, the source for this excellent bit of quotation.  You can find the post on the topic here.  Then you can go ahead and read the original articles from whence the quotes came on TP here.

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By Tommy Belknap

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2 replies on “Pelosi Quotes Bush on Timelines”

I read blogs daily. I see regularly that blogs uncover examples of a Rethuglican politician saying one thing when there was a Democratic President in office, and saying the exact opposite when a Rethuglican President is in office. Or examples where they claimed a certain thing would happen, and years later they make the opposite claim or the opposite has actually happened. And yet, this is the first time that I can remember that a Democratic politician has actually used such flip-flopping to criticize the Rethuglican’s position. Even the news talk shows don’t do this much (although they do it on occasion).

Why don’t Democratic politicians use this wealth of information more when they are speaking out against the opposition? It seems to me that this would be smart politics.

Certainly, they’re practical politics. The Republicans have always skewered Democratic candidates for president – particularly those who’ve served in Congress – as flip-floppers. The truth is: Republicans bend it till it breaks, then when Democrats argue some moderation, they accuse the Dems of having done the flip-flopping.

But that’s not an easy case to make. It takes nuance, a commodity of which presidential politics are utterly devoid.

But then, this year’s elections may not be anywhere near that tough. Unless the Republicans really do end up putting the Law and Order guy up for president, every other candidate in the Republican field makes the case for being a “flip-flopper” like shooting ducks in a barrel. Mitt Romney? Rudy Giuliani? John McCain? Oh, man. Let’s hope we nominate someone with a sense of fun this year on the Dem side!

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