I seriously don’t want another four years, much less eight, of Republican rule.  But if the Democrats lose the upcoming elections, it will be because they are cowards, and American’s can’t help but notice.  And the Democrats will have earned that loss, to the shame and probably irreparable detriment of our nation, though it begins to seem obvious that the Democrats are not capable of leading, anyway.

We vote them in because we want an end to the war.  We vote in opinion polls saying that we want out, and that a majority of Americans are even willing to let Congress use it’s purse strings to do it.  And what do they do?  Bow down for the sake of a cushy Memorial Day weekend:

CONFLICT IN IRAQ / Dems bow to Bush on funds for war

Not wanting to leave town for
their weeklong Memorial Day break being accused of failing to support
the troops fighting in Iraq, the frustrated Democrats dropped any
withdrawal timeline from the final version of the bill. . .

. . . The new version of the spending bill is likely to gain Republican votes while it loses those of anti-war Democrats in both houses. It is expected to include benchmarks for the Iraqi government to meet on political reconciliation and war efforts in order to receive about $5.7 billion in U.S. economic and reconstruction aid. The language proposed by Sen. John Warner, R-Va., however, would allow the president to provide the money even if the Iraqi government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki fails to meet the performance goals.

Benchmarks!  What the hell are benchmarks except arbitrary road signs along a path?  What do they mean if no one’s compelled to take that path?  The Democrats have ceded to a meaningless acknowledgment of milestones instead of insisting on results.  If Republicans were in the same position, you can bet impeachment hearings would already have begun.  Fucking Democrats.

It’s like telling someone they need to quit smoking, then telling them that, “Well, you need to at least acknowledge that, if you do quit smoking at some point in the future, the rest of us will certainly be able to tell because you’ll be coughing less. . .”

It’s an unfortunate comparison being that more and more of Iraq is, quite literally, smoking, but the comparison is nonetheless apt for all that.

So, now I’m waiting for Representative Obey to explain how this was all a carefully-crafted plot to end the war much, much earlier.  Bullshit.  And, oh yeah, The Gavel is noticeably silent on this issue.  Big surprise, that.

I’m not happy.  You might have noticed.


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