All The Russian Dudes, Carry the News

A flurry of activity on the Dead Spook circuit, no doubt about that.

Since Lugovoi has been having his fun talking it up to the media, others just had to get into the act.  The Russian government is positively drooling over any opportunity to get Boris Berezovsky back into their hands, and thus at least one Russian official is trying to get a swap going between the Brits and the Ruskies.  Fat chance, that.  I don’t think Scotland Yard is into trading one revenge killing for another:

Russian legislator suggests swapping poisoning suspect for Berezovsky

MOSCOW (AP) – A high-ranking legislator appeared to suggest Monday that Russia could extradite the main suspect in the killing of ex-KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko to Britain in exchange for Boris Berezovsky, an exiled tycoon and Kremlin critic long sought by Russia. The office of Britain’s top prosecutor rejected the idea.

Meanwhile, Berezovsky, Russian oligarch turned exile cum camera hog cum political dissident, has decided to gab in front of the cameras once again:

‘Russian president was behind spy poisoning’ | the Daily Mail

Tycoon Boris Berezovsky today pointed the finger of blame for the murder of his friend Alexander Litvinenko at Russian President Vladimir Putin. The Russian oligarch said the sophisticated plot to kill the former spy with radioactive polonium could not have gone ahead without orders at the highest level.


Mr Berezovsky, 51, said he believed that former KGB agent Andrei Lugovoi was responsible for carrying out the assassination.

He said: “I should accept that it’s 90 per cent probable that he’s the killer, maybe more. But on an emotional level, I’m not prepared to do that.”

Aww! How sweet and melancholy!  And how can he be so sure -in his heart of hearts- it was Lugovoi?  Well. . . :

Echoes of Dagestan, World and National Politics ~ DragonFlyEye.Net

In 2001, Litvinenko and fellow former FSB security agent Andrei Lugovoi participated in a jail break of Nikolai Glushkov, business partner of Boris Berezovsky in one of his first companies, Aeroflot. Lugovoi and Litvinenko had worked together in the past, guarding both Yegor Gaidar and Berezovsky as members of the FSB. Glushkov was currently serving time in the pokey for fraud. The attempt failed.


November 1st, Litvinenko met with a few old friends before eventually succumbing to sickness due to a radioactive poisoning.

One was Andrei Lugovoi, his partner in jail breaking for Berezovsky. Lugovoi brought with him an associate by the name of Dmitry Kovtun and one other. It is believed by Scotland Yard that this was the moment of his intoxication. But Litvinenko also met with Boris Berezovsky himself.

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