Russian Spies and Dubya’s Bro

I was just browsing through my Alexander Litvinenko article, refamiliarizing myself with the players, when I ran across this passage that I’d forgotten:

Echoes of Dagestan, World and National Politics ~ DragonFlyEye.Net

During this same time, Boris Berezovsky became an investor in Neil Bush’s Ignite! Learning company while living in London in exile, putting him in the same company as George Herbert Walker Bush and Sun Myung Moon, who together with other investors are paying the current Governor of Florida an extra $180,000 annually. In presidential politics elsewhere, Berezovsky was alleged to have participated illegally in funding the presidential candidacy of Ukrainian president Viktor Yushchenko, and a former president produced documents confirming it in 2005.

Keep that in mind on the off chance that the Bushies make another run for the presidency in 2012, which I’ll betcha they do.  Viktor Yushchenko, if you recall, was the presidential candidate most distinguished by being poisoned with Dioxin.

Lovely company our presidential family keeps, eh?

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By Tommy Belknap

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I believe that Boris is a good guy. I get this impression from the latest Charlie Rose interview with the widow of Litvinenko and the author of the book about Victor’s poisining and the KGB’s involvement.

But it is interesting, the Bush/Boris connection.

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