Bless the Gophers!/Lawyers Could be Worse

The Reuters “Oddly Enough” column is almost always good for some Friday chuckles.  Today is no exception, as Reuters turns in some doozies.

First up, Bosnia.  Count your blessings, American farmers, that the only potentially fatal landmark in most of your steer fields is a few gopher holes:

Bosnian in legal row over cow falling in mass grave | Oddly Enough | Reuters

SARAJEVO (Reuters) – A Bosnian farmer is locked in a legal battle over the death of his cow, which he says drowned in a rain-filled mass grave from the 1992-95 war that authorities failed to refill after exhuming the bodies.

Meanwhile, for the rest of us, we only need to fear lawyers’ penchant for lawsuits.  But in other portions of the world, lawyers take the nuptials of their guild-mates quite seriously, indeed:

Indian lawyers tie man to tree, beat him | Oddly Enough | Reuters

LUCKNOW (Reuters) – Lawyers tied a young man to a tree and beat him outside a court in India for refusing to marry one of their relatives, an official said on Wednesday.

They rounded on the victim when he arrived at a court in the Taj Mahal town of Agra to settle a dispute over marrying the niece of one of the lawyers.

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By Tommy Belknap

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