Grandma’s Ice Cream on Goodman St.

Far away from the glitzy new storefronts of South Avenue lives another experiment in entrepreneurship that deserves mention: Grandma’s Ice Cream Parlor. No, they don’t have fancy imported stuff and they’re not “green,” as far as I know. But what they are is a nice, local store selling delicious ice cream in a nice neighborhood setting that brings back memories.

Actually, not all the memories are of childhood ice cream outings: the place took over the old MicroWorks storefront on Goodman and Caroline. Not much has changed, apart from the addition of some freezers, some signs with the flavours of the day and some funny little dropped-cone stickers on the floor. When it was a computer hardware store, it was a regular stop of mine whilst building computers for people. All the rooms are exactly the same, to the point that I almost want to reach out and see if I can feel a bin of Molex power extensions beyond what is surely a holodeck illusion.

The store is, for now, an exercise in minimalism.  There are basically no adornments on the walls, which are covered in a bright white paint.  But it’s a startup, after all.  The woman who run the place are nice and chatty, the ice cream is tasty Perry’s, and the price is right.  Best of all (for the wife and I), it’s right on Goodman and Caroline, which is not only close to our house, but only a little bit out of our usual summertime walking route.

So go support a local business off the beaten path!

By Tommy Belknap

Owner, developer, editor of DragonFlyEye.Net, Tom Belknap is also a freelance journalist for The 585 lifestyle magazine. He lives in the Rochester area with his wife and son.

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I totally agree! My girlfriend and I noticed this little treasure last week on our way home from her parents house. The ladies inside were very nice, but, the cherry on top, was the two water dishes outside the front door with a sign indicating they were for “Our four legged friends”. When I complemented them on this nifty idea, and informed her our puppy (at least that’s how I see him) was in the car, she promptly came across with a little bone shaped treat for him. We have already gone back and plan on many more visits. Great post!

One of the most delightful scoops of ice cream I’ve tasted is the Signature Sunset of Bobtail Ice Cream in Chicago. I can still remember its sweetness. Yummy.

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