A Short History of World Politics

Asia Times Online turns a great piece in, describing a make-believe conversation between Vladimir Putin and George Bush.  Vladimir’s character pulls no punches in explaining to George (and by way of literary device, America) exactly what it’s like in places not owned by McDonald’s or McDonald-Douglass:

Asia Times Online :: Asian News, Business and Economy – What they didn’t say at Kennebunkport

Bush: Vladimir, what you are saying is horrible. The American people will never see the world that way.

Putin: The American people don’t have to. They are sitting comfortably in their own continent and think it’s a great disaster when a few thousand people are killed in an office building. I’m not suggesting that you go out and explain to your voters that things might be very different in other parts of the world. But I am warning you: we have a tough enough job on our hands. Don’t make it harder for us, or you will be sorry.

A grim read, to be sure. But a view of reality that more Americans need to have.  A pity our media doesn’t provide it.

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By Tommy Belknap

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