Voinovich’s Dissent: Keep it Honest

The rumbling of the walls of George Bush’s Jericho are deafening lately.  The latest Republican to publicly sound his intention to break with the White House is Senator Voinovich of of Ohio, and he’s done so in particularly florid fashion.

He’s not quite ready to go yet, because of course we all need to sit on our hands until the triumphant general of our Roman American Army returns and tells us what good wind blows.  But if the answer isn’t good, or if the White House doesn’t have a great exit strategy in September, Voinovich is gonna drop them like a bad habit:  

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Voinovich added that other Republicans are close to speaking out against the President’s current strategy.

In private, Voinovich is more blunt, using a profanity to describe the White House’s handling of Iraq by charging the administration “f—ed up” the war.


“I got into this to get them to move, and they’re moving,” said Voinovich, who is pushing for the president to put together a workable plan for withdrawing U.S. troops that will be ready in time for a September progress report on the military surge from Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. commander in Iraq.

But hold on, here.  Why are we waiting for the September report if all he wants is a withdrawal plan by then?  Does this not admit by proxy that the war is lost and that the surge will have accomplished nothing?  Of course it does.  But Republicans aren’t alone in the current narrative: “the Iraq War was winnable, but the Bush Administration fucked it up.”

Let’s not delude ourselves.  This war was never winnable, and the Bush Administration, the House of Representatives and the Senate had the responsibility to have found this out before we went to war.  Every single one of them that voted on the war resolution is complicit in the deaths of thousands of Americans, more even than Osama bin-Laden.

The American public, denied as it has been a responsible legislative branch or news media, might be forgiven for believing that the Iraq War was the answer.  Hell, I half-bought it, myself.  But the Congress is not supposed to just take the president’s word for it, even when a far more trustworthy president (like Clinton.  Fancy that) is in office.

To those of you who might read this, you don’t have to say a word to me, but ask yourself honestly, “Did I really believe that the War Powers Resolution wasn’t going to be used?”  If you can say yes, you are a fool, but I’m guessing you’re not now nor have you ever been that gullible.

But evidently, Hillary Clinton would like you to believe that she was.  And so was Senator Voinovich, apparently.  So were a lot of people who believe they deserve your vote.  Well, if you ask me, they certainly deserve you voting your conscious.

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By Tommy Belknap

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