Boulder Fest Part I

Well, with the rain, I didn’t make it out to the Boulder Fest last night like I wanted, so I missed freakin’ One World Tribe. Sucks.

But I did manage to make it out there this afternoon. Kalu James was there, the prodigal son currently living in Austin, stopped in to check out Rochester’s new festival. Dan Ball coerced him to play a tune at the end of Dan’s set on the small stage they have setup for acoustic acts.

Boulder has really changed just since the last time I was there (January, I think). They’ve expanded both the building itself and also the parking lot, it seems. They’ve got vendors setup all along the L-shaped parking lot and a big stage setup at the small end. The smaller stage was on the patio that faces Clinton, which was formerly owned by the photography studio that used to be there.

I’m probably going back later on in the evening. Meanwhile, none of my pictures would ordinarily leave this house without a bit of post-production, but just to convince you I was there, I’ve dropped on in Flickr for your viewing pleasure:

Boulder_Fest 001
Dan Ball on the Boulder Festival Acoustic Stage. CC Licensed

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