Jon Powers on Our Duty to Our Soldiers

The Jon Powers blog caught on to an amazing bit of verbal trickery by the Administration’s spin masters.  The idea is to do the same crap we’ve been doing in Iraq, but just throw in the word “leaving” to muddy the waters and confuse the president’s position on a troop withdrawal.

Can you imagine?  Two centuries have been spent by fifty-plus presidents trying to make the policies of the White House more clear to the American people, and now we have a president whose spin masters are doing everything in their power to obfuscate the president’s message:

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Howie Klein has a great post on about a new plan by the Bush administration to use the word “leaving” while continuing the same failed policies that have created the mess we’re in today.

It is an unconscionable act of deception when the handlers of this most inept of presidents intentionally throws words into the speech that mislead the public.  It is also a tacit admission of failure.  The president cannot continue on his present course and be at all honest, assuming that was ever his modus operandi, which is an allowance that verges on over-generous.

My guess, however, is that Bush will reject the idea, but we shall see.  He has been so completely bull-headed and incautious in his handling of the war, both its execution and its political handling with the American people, I have a hard time believing he will turn back now.  I think most of us of political persuasion will forever remember the blithe Pollyanna assertions of Bush’s pre-midterm interview with George Stephanopoulos as the moment when we knew our president was genuinely nuts.

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By Tommy Belknap

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