Kuhl (and the D&C Blog) Frontpage the HuffPo

Well, as Rottenchester pointed out in RT comments recently, it’s amazing what can happen when you don’t pay attention to what you’re writing in blogs. The Tobin/Lawrence piece in the D&C blogs seems to have made it all the way to the HuffPo:

GOP Congressman “Thought About Packing” Firearm To Fend Off War Protesters – Politics on The Huffington Post

Conservative Rep. Randy Kuhl (R-NY) has been under intense pressure for months over his continued support for President Bush’s war policy. In an interview yesterday with the editorial board of the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, Kuhl said he has “thought about packing” firearms to fend off protesters

Exile has been covering this whole brew-haha for the entirety, and seems to think that this is good news for the D&C. Well, it may sell papers, as he points out, but this still doesn’t look good for their editorial staff. There’s a difference between intentionally reporting salient facts and simply saying something inadvertently illuminating. The more so when it starts getting picked up by the main stream, and believe me, the HuffPo is probably only the tip of the iceberg:

Pistol-gate a positive development for the D&C || rochesterturning.com: turning the tide upstate

You know how the public thinks of these meetings between candidates between editorial boards and politicians: as a bunch of old men blowing smoke up each others’ behinds while knocking back a few highballs. I’m not saying that’s accurate, but that’s the perception.But now, with the citizen members of the board and the power of the blogosphere, you’ve got an exciting new element. Now, when the politician busts out some crazy talk about packing heat around the office, instead of it getting chuckled away amidst back slaps, it ends up on a blog where people like us pick it up and milk it for a seemingly endless series of posts.

Right, but guys slapping each other on the back in between high-balls is precisely what happened here. The reporters let something slip that probably was taken in confidence. Exile knows as well as anybody what confidence means and why you might not want to break it if you’re interested in maintaining relationships with politicians. This article does exactly that, and seemingly entirely unintentionally. As much as the outcome might be good for Progressive candidates and as much as this does make for interesting theatre, I think Exile’s take is a bit over-generous. Sorry, dude.

I have my problems with the chumminess of reporters and politicians, same as just about every other thinking person these days, but this is a very bad social development for both of these reporters. It is not a question of breaking a story. It is not a changing of the rules at all. Far from being the rebel journalists, breaking rules for the good of the people, this is a case of someone farting at the promenade.

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There’s a difference between intentionally reporting salient facts and simply saying something inadvertently illuminating.

The difference here is they rarely intentionally report salient facts whereas here they have said something inadvertently illuminating.

Sorry, but you go to war with the Editorial Board you have….

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