The D&C Declares Web2.0 “Growing in Significance”

. . .  and indeed, if there is any reason that the D&C continues to *decrease* in significance, it is because of such over-obvious statements happening years after they were really relevant and long after they’ve already been discussed to death on the “newly-emerging” Interweb.

I couldn’t help pointing out this bit of drivel in the D&C.  I’d hoped to find an interesting discussion of the effects Internet media and marketing are having on business, perhaps with a bit of local experience and some businesses making a go of it.  Instead, it’s just an article that marvels at the fact that the Internet exists and that anyone takes it seriously:

Social media network growing in significance || Democrat & Chronicle: Business Columns

Earlier this year, I joined the social media network and became a blogger. My background is in promotional marketing so my blog, Donna’s Promo Talk, is targeted to marketing professionals. I first did what the experts recommend, which is to browse, read and comment on other people’s blogs before starting your own. This helps to find your “voice” as well to create relationships with other bloggers in your field.

Hey, if new people want to jump onboard and start blogging, I’m all for it.  We all win.  But this is a lot of space on the D&C to talk about stuff that’s years old, and it seems incongruous in the business section, doesn’t it?  This could have easily and perhaps more appropriately been in the living section.

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By Tommy Belknap

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2 replies on “The D&C Declares Web2.0 “Growing in Significance””

Right, you are! But you’d think that, at least, they’d make an attempt to add in a bit more content for those of us who do get it. After all, they have their own blogs on their network, you’d think they’d make an attempt to look hip.

Scary thing: I think they were. . . .

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