When Meatheads Attack

I must say, I’m not a particularly huge fan of the “get a camera and get in someone’s face” school of blogging and political activism.  It had its charm at first, but that time has passed.  Such antagonistic behaviour just makes your local representative less likely to answer anyone’s questions for fear of getting ambushed by an idiot.  The below-linked article concerns one such run-in with a person who obviously didn’t spend the time to work on his questions.  Seriously, people, either cull the herd to a specific subject or organize your questions into something approaching a logical order!  Otherwise, you just end up another guy screaming “don’t taze me, bro!” and accomplishing nothing.

However, that’s not the interesting bit.  That happens when the regrettably-named Trent Wisecup, the Representative in question’s Chief of Staff, decides to get all in-your-face with the camera-wielding blogger.  Watch him pucker his lips and puffs his face, in what is surely the classic baseball-player-cum-bully posture of aggression.  He threatens the kid with some enigmatic jail sentence whilst he lambastes the blogger, saying, “Your against America.”

Questional grammerical sense aside, the most amusing and revealing part is where the blogger asks if the Rep is going to end the war and the staffer asks, “do you want Iran to win?”  Um.  No, we’re in Iraq, let me get you a map. . . .

Crooks and Liars » Rep. Joe Knollenberg’s CoS Goes Nuts On Constituent Activist

Bruce Fealk, a blogger and political activist in Michigan, has apparently been a thorn in the side of Joe Knollenberg (R-Of Course), who is currently running for re-election. At a recent stop to do a little meet and greet with the common people, Fealk asked Knollenberg about his votes for keeping troops in Iraq and against SCHIP. Knollenberg’s tactic is to simply ignore Fealk.

But Knollenberg’s Chief of Staff Trent Wisecup is not quite so
diplomatic…in fact, he lets loose with a barrage of insults that show
just how nasty and dismissive he views anyone not toeing the Republican
line…either that, or he’s just overdosed on Rush Limbaugh and Sean
Hannity. You just know this is exactly what most of these politicos are thinking, only Trent’s not smart enough to clam up in front of a camera.

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By Tommy Belknap

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