“Family Values” Pervs Not Germane to the U.S., Only

Senator Larry Craig and Bob Allen may occasionally use public restrooms to relieve themselves. . . of loneliness.  Mark Foley may cure loneliness discussing sweat and masturbation in IM chats with teenage pages.  And it must be a lonely life as a Republican with a name like “John A Boehner.”  But they are none of them alone on the International stage when it comes to sexual and electoral duplicity.  Matter of fact, Senator Craig is a bit of a let-down in the excuse department, as you will quickly see:

Family values party dumps candidate for porn pics | Oddly Enough | Reuters

Sydney music teacher Andrew Quah, 21, admitted photographs showing his penis and circulating widely on gay websites had embarrassed his party and made his candidacy untenable.

But that’s not my penis,” Quah told the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, adding one of the images may have been digitally altered.

“I might have been drunk off my face, or my political enemies might have drugged me,” Quah said. “It was a mistake that I would not have committed had I been of right mind. All I know, I have been humiliated.”

Oh, that’s his naked body in a picture, alright.  In fact, the “Family Values” politician may have just been really, really drunk, and convinced to pose naked for photographs.  I think we’ve all been there before. But there’s no way that penis is his!  Look at it!  It’s all pink and wrinkly!

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By Tommy Belknap

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