Fox News Local Advertiser’s Database

I just got a note from with a great new idea they have, and I decided I’d share the message with that portion of the blogging community who might not have heard about it yet. This is a great idea, and I can’t wait to DVR some Faux News and get down to the database’n:

Hello FOX Attackers,

I have some exciting news — in just a couple of days, our FOX Attacks Decency video has exploded online with almost half a million views! Not entirely shocking considering the subject matter, but it’s a huge opportunity for us to really make an impact.

We’re planning a follow-up video this week for Wednesday or Thursday which should draw even more attention, and we want to use that to encourage people to call local FOX News advertisers and inform them of what FOX is pumping into our homes.

But we need to get the advertiser database as current as possible. Can you help out?

Fire up the TiVo, skip through the bloviating, and watch for local advertisers you can add to the database.

Go to the FOX Attacker website here:

Click on “add advertiser.” You’ll be asked to login or create an account. If you forgot your password (I do just about every day), there’s a link there to get a new one.

You can also search the database. If the advertiser is already in there, please be sure to click on the “I saw this advertiser on FOX more recently.” This helps us know whether they are still advertising, which is very important.

Your efforts in the next few days will have a big impact. Thank you!

Jim Gilliam
Brave New Films

Who is up to helping out? Can we get some local advertisers to stop advertising on Fox?

Hmm. . . would almost seem a shame if Billy Fucillo stopped advertising on Fox as a result: that’s the one channel I’m guaranteed not to watch. . . . what a waste. . .

By Tommy Belknap

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