I Guess “Taxpayer Protection” is in the Eye of the Beholder. . .

Carla Palumbo discusses the dust-up between Republican manipulation tactics, where the “Taxpayer Protection Act” meets the “F.A.I.R.” plan.

I would at least have more respect for Republicans if they could quit using the manipulative bill names. But then, the “pass a bill to strangle any Democratic majority, assuming there will be one, or else ignore the bill if there isn’t one bill of 2007,” doesn’t sound very good, does it?

» Taxpayer Protection Scam….. » Carla Palumbo

Now here we are with a Taxpayer Protection Act, a 2008 budget pending for a vote and non-mandated expenses way higher than the Consumer Price Index for this year. Why — because in that budget we have a 90 million payment to municipalities to even out the money taken from them in the Medicaid intercept that according to the budget director is a non-mandated expense (even though there is an agreement) because its not mandated by the State or Federal Government. So now what…. is your heading spinning yet? Wait hold on because now we are told…..not a problem, its not in effect year.