Steve Minarik: The Corruptor

There is simply nothing, nothing, nothing that Steve Minarik will leave unpoliticized, uncorrupted by the political wranglings that dominate the business of Monroe County. Now he wants a hand in appointing people to the Public Defender department, giving him a list of 50 plum jobs to give out as he sees fit and as benefits his crony system in the Legislature. Carla Palumbo reports here at DFE:

» Another Scandal in the Making » Carla Palumbo

What appeared to be a plan modeled after the one 30 years ago where the Monroe County Bar Association (NCBA)convened a committee to make recommendations to the Legislature has quickly turned into something different. What appears to be happening is a closely controlled Republican committee with next to no racial diversity and no community input. And although the Monroe County Bar Association (MCBA) was initially on board with the process, in the midst of what it has seen happening as withdrawn its support.