Malcom Ray on the Bush Israel Visit

I’ve been saying for a long time that Middle East peace is the feel-good whore of every American president at the end of his term. Clinton got close to peace, but imagine what he might have done had he only tried a few years earlier? Now, at the end of what every candidate for president concedes was a failed presidency, into Israel swoops the two-wars president George Bush to try his hand at peace. Malcolm Ray at the Veracifier Blog sums up the shame and the pathos of this moment quite well:

Bush in Israel: Yea, I almost forgot about him too | Veracifier

Having mocked the efforts of President Clinton in trying to negotiate a settlement during his second term in office, Bush’s attempt to do so in his last year seems laughable. Stepping out on to the tarmac off of Air Force One, President Bush started off his comments by stating his disbelief that when he first came to Israel over a decade ago as a Texas governor, he never imagined he’d return “as President of the United States.”Seven years in and George W. Bush still cant believe he’s President.

By Tommy Belknap

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