Go Ahead, Defend This

Any Clinton supporters going to be takers for defending this? Like I said: asshole wing of the party. Deny it.

Clinton Supporters Send Last-Ditch Obama Attack Emails To Supers – Politics on The Huffington Post

Added another: “Obama, in my opinion, will NOT survive the general election against McCain.”

Clinton Supporters:

The exit polls show I am not alone in refusing to vote for Obama and opting to McCain.

Clinton Supporters:

“How can we elect someone who has never accomplished anything, refuses to take stands on issues, befriends anti-American terrorists, attends a church for 20 years with Wright, and denies ever hearing anything controversial, and then stages a *public fight* so he can finally denounce him, takes credit for bills in the Senate that he had nothing to do with, and is propped up as the candidate of change??” wrote one Democrat.

By Tommy Belknap

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