Technical Difficulties Suck

It’s been a long week.

Without going into too much pointless detail, suffice it to say that a comedy of errors kept this site dark for two full days while I worked out a number of problems.  Hosting issues, the threat (happily, all in my head) of potential hacker mischief and a lamentable choice to upgrade in the middle of a crisis left me scratching my head and itching to go back and blog.  There were moments in there that I questioned why I was working so hard.  What am I doing with this site, anyway?

But I was also left practically getting hives without an outlet for expression, so I guess I found my answer.

The site is now upgraded to WordPress MU version 1.5.1, and that’s a good thing.  However, I’ve discovered that some critical plugins will need to be recoded to work with the new platform for reasons I don’t yet fully understand.  It’ll all get worked out eventually.

In the meanwhile, thanks to all of you who wrote me.  Everything’s fine now.  We now return to your regularly scheduled blogging.