UPDATED, I Was Wrong: Portobello? Portofino? Porto-Potty? Whatever it is, I’m Not Going

I recently had a chance to go to the new Portofino and was completely wrong about the new restaurant. If you’re thinking of not going because I told you it was awful, forget what I said. It was fantastic. ~ DFE

I saw this in the D&C and though, “mainstay?  What the hell are they talking about?”:

Portobello is now Portofino | democratandchronicle.com | Democrat and Chronicle

Portobello Ristorante, a mainstay in the Italian restaurant lineup since 1993, closed in March. After a makeover, an updated menu and a new name, the restaurant reopened earlier this month as Portofino Bistro.

Portofino, Portobello, Porto-potty.  Call it what you will, but this is the site of one of the worst service and food related experiences that my wife and I share over the four years we’ve known each other. Rude, hasty service, over-cooked and disgusting food, preposterous prices, this place had it all.  To whom is Portobello a “mainstay” of Italian eating in Rochester?  Give me their names and I will show them ten other places with better prices and better food.  Crimeny, you can fall out of a car drunk and you’ll just roll right into an Italian restaurant, in this town.  Off the top of my head:

  • Michellina’s, right down the street
  • The Northside Inn
  • Perlo’s
  • Domenico’s
  • Brio (technically Mediteranean, but lots of Italian influence)
  • Bennucci’s

OK, so there’s six, right there.  Anyone care to help complete the list?  No fair looking at RocWiki.org!