Debate Night Open Thread

I’ll be live blogging this evening’s debate here at home.  I’m monitoring my Twitter with the phone, watching MSNBC for the debate, and have a few windows open on a few blogs to get thier reactions.  Stick with me and keep me posted in the comments!

9:03: funny that Jim Lehrer felt the need to justify the economic questions as foreign policy.  Was anyone going to be disappointed if he talked about the economy?

9:07 ~ Failures on Main Street?  That’s coming back in a commercial by the end of the night.

9:10 ~ Oh, cripe.  Here we go with the “I also did that” crap from McCain.  He has been absent or actively against any plan for regulation since he went into office (the office held formerly by Barry Goldwater, don’t forget.).  What is this crap about Normandy.  Jesus.

9:18 ~ John is trying his best to make earmarks what matter in this debate.  Hey, they’re important, but his tax cuts are worse.  McCain’s rhetorical skills are sharp.  But it seems like he talks a lot and says very little.  Hence he refuses to talk directly to Obama.  Jeeze, he wanted to ride in an airplane with him and go to town hall meetings?  Seriously?:

9:24 ~ Hit him with the regulation stuff, Obama!  Hard!

9:26 ~ Didn’t some one tell John to stop frickin’ laughing?  He looks like an idiot at best.

9:30 ~ Delving into obscura of military spending isn’t exactly the best method of looking strong on the economy.

9:33 ~ Both candidates are kind of dancing around the issue of what changes in their administration as a result of the economic crisis.  At least Obama talked about Iraq, finally.  John wants to take money out of our foreign aid.  We give less per capital to foriegn aid than any other industrial nation.

9:39 ~ I’m not sure there actually is a “Miss Congeniality” election within the Senate, is there?  And man, is it just sad to hear a person call themselves a maverick like McCain just did.  Holy crap does this sound desparate.

9:45 ~ John McCain will not look at Barack Obama at all.  If you recall, he fucking hates Obama.  And he’s getting pissed.  That’s not good for McCain.

9:48 ~ John McCain’s election law in Iraq?  Provincial elections.  Wow, that’s great.  I guess we’re almost done, so can we leave?

9:56 ~ Bomb, bomb, bomb.  Bomb, bomb McCain!!

9:59 ~ “About bombing Iran, and all that. . .”  Where is he going with this?  Sometimes he goes for war, some times he doesn’t?  Oh, here comes Wolfbourough, NE.  Bring out yer dead!

10:04 ~ When you repeat the question as an answer, it’s a stall, John.

10:09 ~ Ackmajinidinijuni. . . . .

10:13 ~ Spain!  You knew that had to come up.

10:14 ~ Um, John?  If you talk to insane people, they will insist that everyone who disagrees with their world view simply doesn’t understand.  “What Senator Obama doesn’t seem to understand is. . . ”  Watch yourself, there, Corky.

10:19 ~ Lack of Understanding Watch 2008 officially begins. . . . . nnnnnnnow. . . .

10:25 ~ My wife felt compelled to point out, and I have to say again, John McCain snickering and laughing with everything he disagrees with is not only not attractive, it’s not very presidential.  In fact, it looks a little sleazy.  It didn’t look good during the Republican debates and it looks even worse when he’s not facing dolts.

10:32 ~ Again with the understanding thing.  And what the hell is he talking about with SDI?  That was the biggest joke of the decade and began after nuclear talks began with the USSR.

10:35 ~ SDI!  I can’t believe it.  Remember Star Wars?  Obi Ron Kenobi?

10:38 ~ Fucking A, with the Vietnam shit.  POW!  POW! POW!

By Tommy Belknap

Owner, developer, editor of DragonFlyEye.Net, Tom Belknap is also a freelance journalist for The 585 lifestyle magazine. He lives in the Rochester area with his wife and son.