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This is the beginning of what I hope will become a regular series on DragonFlyEye.Net. Each week, the DFE Twitter feed is chock-full of news stories I post, but until recently, there hasn’t really been an easy way to figure out what the most popular stories of the week have been. Now that has made it easy for me, I’m going to show you what you and your fellow readers have been clicking on throughout the week. I hope this becomes a fun and enlightening new way to review the news of the week, as seen on the DragonFlyEye.Net extended network!

This week, its been hacking and the new Rochester ferry plan that have gotten most of the headlines. Between News Corp and Rupert Murdoch’s problems with the law and the continuing mayhem of the LulzSec and Anonymous hacking, there’s been plenty to report on the tech front. The Sibley heir’s new proposal for a smaller, more focused ferry service in Rochester has raised all kinds of interest throughout the region. And of course, no Friday would be complete without boobs, with which this Friday’s feed was, erm, filled. Enjoy!

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Dave and the band are a bit touchy about musicals....

Dave Grohl fumes, ‘Not everyone loves “Glee”‘ on

Beyond simply hating musicals, there have apparently been some nasty words exchanged between the band and the producer of Glee. Dave is.. not a fan.

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Philly to fine pedestrians for texting while walking

Not content to simply fine motorists for potentially-lethal texting and driving, the cunning and perpetually cash-strapped city of Philadelphia has opted to also fine people for walking and texting. One presumes fines for walking and chewing gum are forthcoming.

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The Rochester Fast Ferry, via bobcatnorth on Flickr

The Problem with the Fast Ferry Wasn’t the Fast Ferry

A new proposal for a new ferry service has been floated this week. As much as we’d all like to see great things in Rochester, its worth pointing out that the problems with the ill-fated Fast Ferry were not only with the Fast Ferry itself.

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Hacktivist group Anonymous claims another victory. But is it really as big as it sounds?


Anonymous claims to have breached NATO security,

Not actually the top-clicked article, but the one that tells the most interest-generating story of the day. Anonymous, after issuing a joint statement with LulzSec addressed to the FBI, also claims to have cracked NATO security and obtained compromising data. Not everyone agrees that their latest exploit was as big a deal as they claim.

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Sex in the water: that doesn't even work, does it?


Couple Busted for Having Sex in a Public Pool for a Half Hour, The Smoking Gun

A couple in Indiana was apparently apprehended by law enforcement after having sex in a public pool – apparently in full view of both kids and parents – for a half an hour. Seriously, though: don’t the bystanders in this equation deserve a stern talking-too as well? What stopped them from reporting this 29 minutes earlier?!?

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By Tommy Belknap

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