Your Top 5 News Articles for July 29th

This week, its about Amy Winehouse, strangers in your house, Mac Book security vulns and once again: Emily Good. Also a bit of Sexy Pompeii. Enjoy!
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14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011


Microsoft Apologizes for “vile” Amy Winehouse tweet | Technically Incorrect – CNET News

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Emily Good, via @13WHAM


In Defense of Awful Police Work

Emily Good keeps popping up all over the Internet. Well, everywhere that is besides Rochester. The Atlantic questions whether situations like the Emily Good case aren’t hurting local police credibility.

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Password protected Mac laptops can reveal their passwords through a Firewire connection


Mac OS X Lion reveals passwords in sleep mode?

This is not a new security vulnerability for Mac computers. In fact, the previous version of OS X also had the same flaw. By connecting a Firewire cable to a computer that is in sleep mode, a hacker can gain access to cleartext versions of passwords.

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Airbnb responds to user horror story

Airbnb, an Internet service that offers ad-hoc timeshares to its customers, was forced to respond to one particular horror story of property destruction that spread rapidly through the Internet. Would you let a complete stranger camp out at your house?

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