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The Park Avenue Photo Scavenger Hunt: Find Our Sponsors!

Park Avenue Photo Scavenger Hunt! by @S__Hundley

If there’s one thing about Rochester that I think all Rochesterians can be proud of, its our sense of humor, especially at our own expense. This afternoon, Rachel Barnhart ( @rachbarnhart ) pointed outon Twitter that the Park Avenue Festival has a new sponsor and is now called the “Chrysler Park Ave Summer Art Fest.” That got some of us thinking what other groups might want to sponsor the Park Avenue Fest, our most beloved festival. That gave rise to a hashtag, suggested by @Tympanogram , #ParkAveFestSponsors, which was great fun.

And then another friend of the site, @S_Hundley , suggested that we get together a friendly scavenger hunt… so, that’s what we’re doing!

Here’s how it’s (hopefully) going to work: you go to the PAF and bring your camera phone. If you find anyone who matches the descriptions listed in our scavenger list (taken directly from the original hashtag conversation), snap a pic and send it to Twitter with the hashtag #ParkAveFestSponsors. Then we all get to critique your work, laugh at the great time everyone’s having and enjoy the PAF as an online community.

Then we’ll pick ten winners to post back to this site probably Monday morning. We’re looking for funny, interesting and unique pictures of the Park Avenue Fest as only we, its true sponsors, can really appreciate.

Please note: This little hunt is purely in good fun and to show off what’s so awesome and unique about a great festival in a great city. That being said, no one who came up with this idea has any bail money to help you out if you screw up, so please try not to do that. Try *real hard*. And if you do, please know that we love you, but you’re on your own.

The Park Ave Fest Scavenger Hunt List:

Click here to download the PAF Scavenger Hunt list!



  • Beer Pong Balls
  • ppl too stupid to read alternate pkg signs
  • The Loft Apartment With Balcony Political Message Sign
  • the douchey guidettes that wear spiked heels to toddle around the fest
  • CDs Lakeshore Will Never Sell
  • “invisible pet on a leash” booth
  • Shirtless bros on roofs
  • Police on Bicycles
  • Children on leashes
  • Bathtub Refitting
  • Kan Jam
  • Corn Hole
  • The guy walking down Park with a 12 of Natural Ice
  • Double or (bonus) Triple Stroller
  • Giant Bubble Making Guy
  • Drink in a plastic coconut
  • Idiots Wearing Fedoras
  • Old dudes rocking fanny packs
  • Actual homeowners who live there fleeing for the weekend
  • Joey Guisto hitting on young girls.
  • Another Soon-To-Fail Business
  • The Amusingly Ironic Party Hat
  • Rednecks Comin’ in to the “Big City”
  • Girlie drinks in those tall funny shaped plastic glasses. (bonus if subject is a dude)
  • Pretending to be sober when running into co-workers.
  • Eric Bauman’s creepy dad.
  • Police Horse Dumps
  • hippies blowing bubbles
  • Obscure lawn ornaments
  • Alcoholics Not-so-Anonymous
  • fat guy on roof
  • Deep Fryer Oil That Should’ve Been Changed Yesterday
  • The Mulletude
  • Solo cups
  • Wilson Farms fresh out of 30 racks
  • Butterfly Fries
  • The family of 8 that walks together and stops at every booth
  • Bros with bulldogs
  • Seriously Dude It’s Not That Hot Put A Shirt On
  • Hipsters in Plaid
  • Spotting Lou Gramm handing out fliers
  • Stuff So Random, They Can Only Afford Tents off Alexander St.
  • That A-Hole Who Parked In Front Of Your Driveway
  • Tramp Stamps
  • Muffin tops
  • Windstream
  • Half naked dancing Festival Guy (Dan Quilty)
  • Shit You Wish You’d Thought Of Because It Looks So Damn Easy To Make
  • The god damn neighbors playing beer pong in the front yard. Again.
  • Passing Out In The Front Lawn
  • “Officially” Alcohol-Free.
  • Creepy Shirtless Guy with a Boa Constrictor
  • Your Friendly Rochester Meter Maids: Thank you for your patronage!
  • Afternoon Naps
  • Bros
  • Anything, Anything, Anything on a Stick.
  • Weird Sprinkler Guy at Park/Buckingham
  • Bros with Sculpted Eyebrows
  • Some dude with a ferret on a leash

So, whose with us?!?

By Tommy Belknap

Owner, developer, editor of DragonFlyEye.Net, Tom Belknap is also a freelance journalist for The 585 lifestyle magazine. He lives in the Rochester area with his wife and son.