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The news of this week – and the attention of most everybody in Rochester – has been dominated largely by the announcement that PAETEC is getting sold to a company out of Arkansas called Windstream. This announcement puts Rochester in a bind because of course a big part of the City’s planning of Downtown revolved around getting a major business like PAETEC to bring its employees there to work. The city has put a lot of money into demolishing much of the old Midtown Plaza and is now left without the major contributor to to the rebuild.

Elsewhere in the news, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie stands up for his appointment to the SCONJ and does politics in general a service; the largest Internet security breach in the history of the Internet was discovered and largely blamed on China; a dude gets arrested for filming women in tanning beds. Diabetic security vulns, dresses made out of FaceBook screencaps, drunken mayors, climate change and the latest innovation in the world of pr0n. Everything you expect out of the DFE news feed. See you next week!

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Arunas A. Chesonis, via

PAETEC to be sold to Windstream – Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

The big news hit on Monday morning. Suddenly, all eyes were on PAETEC and the questions started: would Windstream take over where PAETEC left off? What happens to Midtown if that doesn’t happen? The answers, as they rolled out through the day, were far from comforting.

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Photo by DragonFlyEye.Net

PAETEC: Seriously, Rochester. Let’s Not Do This – DragonFlyEye.Net

As much as it pains all of us to see that the plans Rochester made with PAETEC may not get followed-through on, there is a limit to how much shouting into the void we can do before we just have to get on with business. A Democrat and Chronicle op-ed on Tuesday highlighted the inefficacy of whining by becoming Exhibit A.

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Park Avenue Photo Scavenger Hunt!

The Park Avenue Photo Scavenger Hunt: Find Our Sponsors – DragonFlyEye.Net

Yes, this is shameless self-promotion. The Twitter Rochester community had a little fun on Wednesday with the fact that the PAF is now sponsored by Chrysler. Speculating what whacky sponsors might have stepped in if it was not for Chrysler, the #ParkAveFestSponsors hashtag took off. Next thing you know, there’s a scavenger hunt in the works. At the time of writing, I still don’t know how it will all turn out!

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NJ Governor Chris Christie

Awesome – Talking Points Memo

New Jersey governor Chris Christie addresses concerns over his choice of State Supreme Court justice appointments. That appointment? Sohail Mohammed, a Muslim man. Criticisms of the appointee have been largely to question his loyalty to the United States because of his religion and heritage, including the tiresome “spectre” of Sharia Law. The governor puts those criticisms into the proper context and makes it better for everybody.

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Apparently, hanging out at the grocery store or attending church were failed experiments?

Voyer Filmed Naked Women in Tanning Bed

Love is hard. Surveillance equipment is affordable. So, this is sort of like entrapment, when you really think about it. Like, really really think about it for a long time. With a hard-on.

A particularly-on-the-nose looking man from Louisiana was busted for putting cameras in the tanning booths at a local tanning salon and filming naked women tanning. Hard to imagine how anything past the first five seconds is interesting to watch, but then I guess that’s why he’s been arrested for voyeurism and I haven’t. Also contributing to his arrest: the fact that he left the cameras running while he adjusted the angle.. and also that he took his pr0n-stuffed laptop to the local computer shop to be repaired. Whoops!

Pro tip: look for some great deals on surveillance equipment on eBay, right after they release Mr. Willink.

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By Tommy Belknap

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