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Briton riots for seemingly no reason at all, Irondequoit gets a new development project, Futurity explains the Boner Killer’s primary weapon and hot chicks dress up as nerds. Quite a week we had!

The London riots captured the imaginations of Americans and certainly brought out the photojournalists, but precious little light was brought to bear on the heat. At least in America. And in the meanwhile, journalists who opted to cover the violence on the streets found themselves targets of mob rules. Meanwhile back in Rochester, I excerpted a passage from a book I’m reading about the history of journalism in Rochester. You gotta find this book!
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Proposed Irondequoit Square Project (image from Rochester Subway)

Irondequoit Square – Rochester Subway

New plans this week for a renovated Titus Ave and Hudson corner, named Irondequoit Square. Developer is a local resident who is a machinist by trade and the project looks largely self-run. He’s currently seeking funding.

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Not sure why this was the featured image. I really don't get it. – Sex suffers when his pals become hers

Nothing says “boner killer” quite like a woman who insists on insinuating herself into every Guys Night activity you have. Or so I’m told. Scientists from Cornell and the University of Chicago studied the affects of what they call “betweeness,” which despite sounding like a Dr. Phil thing is actually real. Bottom line: you want your wiener in working order, keep your friends and your wife separate.

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Ah! Democracy!

Reporters Attacked In London Riots: CNN, BBC, Channel 4, Sky Journalists All Targeted (VIDEO) – Huffington Post

As the riots in London and elsewhere in the UK raged on, journalists were often targeted, probably because news video has been used by law enforcement in the past to identify and arrest looters after the fact. Still very little reporting in the US about *why* the riots are really happening.

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The Powers Building

What a Wonderful Time to Be in Rochester! – DragonFlyEye.Net

I’m currently reading a book about the history of journalism in Rochester called Main Street Beat and it includes some spot-on hilarious anecdotes about the Rochester that was and continues to be. I decided I had to excerpt at least one of these stories for my audience.

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I mean really: are you going to say no to this lab partner?

The world’s sexiest nerds (20 photos) – theCHIVE

Girls in Star Wars costume! Well-formed, XHTML-compliant tits! Tina Fey!…. Tina Fey! Yes, this is an excellent round-up of sexy girls, in nerdly costume or else professing their love for the Nerdfolk. I noticed towards the end of the day that my usual quotient of boobs had not yet been fulfilled. In the twenty minutes it took me to drive home, this link had moved to the absolute top of the clicks for the day. You guys are awesome!

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By Tommy Belknap

Owner, developer, editor of DragonFlyEye.Net, Tom Belknap is also a freelance journalist for The 585 lifestyle magazine. He lives in the Rochester area with his wife and son.