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Its rare that Paul Krugman ever makes it to the top of the click-through list for this blog. In fact, its damned-near a myth. But this week was no ordinary week, people. We have Krugman and his hypothetical alien invasion economic stimulus package, TSA scanners, terrible blogs (ahem), the death of webOS and a diverse peer group causing absolutely no disturbance in The Force whatsoever.

But no! That’s not all! Bachmann goes deep, Christine O’Donnall just plain goes, celebrity poop jokes, the superiority of Scrabble players, oodles of marijuana, sex surveys, pool toys, and of course: Kansas. Carry on, people. See you next week!
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Krugman tries his hand at Exobiology. Results are mixed.

Paul Krugman: Fake Alien Invasion Would End the Economic Slump (VIDEO)

Every so often – well, actually rather often – I am surprised by what populates the top-most clicked lists for the day, and this is certainly one of those. Paul Krugman said on This Week that, short of an alien invasion, there was little in our political life to support the kind of effort it would take to get us out of the Great Recession any time soon. This somehow got translated into the media as Krugman advocating a faked alien invasion. Better headline, I guess. I posted it…

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Gingerbread scanners provide a vague outline of a human form, rather than detailed body scans.

TSA Begins Rolling Out Less-Invasive “Gingerbread Man” Body Scanners to U.S. Airports

The uproar over body scan technology in airports has caused the TSA to (finally) rethink its system. The new units will provide the scanning necessary to spot metal or plastic objects, but only provides a vague “gingerbread man” outline of the subject’s body, thus providing a modicum of privacy.

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Lets face it: blogs suck.

The 8 Worst Types of Blog on the Internet

I’m just going to start right up-front and say I’m a little unnerved by the fact that this particular article took the top slot for Wednesday. Especially since I exhibit some if not all of these qualities in my work…

The Bucholtz Discharge delves into the darker side of blogging: blogs started and quickly abandoned, link bloggers who provide no content of their own and the dreaded spam blog (splog) and corporate blogs. Crazy blogs? I like to think that’s an apt description for my shit..

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WebOS no more! HP announces the end of the ill-fated OS.

HP murders webOS tablets, phones – The Register

After more than a decade of trying with the ill-fated OS, HP has decided to ace the entire project, along with selling off its desktop hardware systems. In its place, a purchase of a company called Autonomy appears in the works. All this comes as a shock and disappointment to the three guys still using webOS.

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Just look at that diversity! Those go-getters sure are awesome.

Attractive, Diverse Peer Group Gathers For Popular Refreshments, High-Definition Sports Broacast – The Onion

I have literally no idea why this article would be so popular. I mean, like none. There may be journalists in town who are more familiar with this theme, so perhaps I aught to ask @rachbarnhart or @ToddJClausen when I get a chance. Unless one of you can fill me in? #unsolicitedfruitbasket

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